Investment Management

Our investment management philosophy is strongly rooted in fundamental analysis, coupled with a strict adherence to client investment policy statements. We are bottom-up investors and believe investing in companies with robust fundamentals, solid core businesses, dependable management teams, and strong free cash flow.

We manage risk by only purchasing companies trading at reasonable valuations, and we do not chase fad or momentum names. Lastly, we do not believe in market timing as a viable strategy. Ultimately, we believe that the greatest rewards exist when improving fundamentals are not reflected in the current market valuation of a business.

Investment in social trading is simple

Select trader

With online rating of best platform providers you will select the trader, whose profitable trades you will copy.

Open an investor account

Open an account on “Social Trading” platform, attach it to the selected trader and adjust the type of copying. Further, the trades will be automatically copied to your account.

Make profits

You will make as much profits as the selected trader, but for a small commission fee, specified in advance.

How can a beginner become a successful trader in 3 steps?

Imagine, you have neither long experience in exchange trading nor enough time to study its basics thoroughly.

However, you are a successful trader and make more profits from trade orders than beginners after a year of training. Why?

You just copy successful traders’ trading on automated copy trading platform “Social Trading” from NRNL.

"Trading" introduces you to the correct world of the financial market!


Read the best traders’ news, communicate, improve your trading skills


Copy the transactions of selected traders to your trading account and you will make profits


Share your own success and you will be rewarded with a commission from your investors profits

What if I choose a “wrong” trader?

For ease of selecting a trader, there is an open multi-function rating. It shows traders’ performance and commission fee amount online in real time.

What else is there on “Social Trading” platform?

You do not only copy successful traders’ transactions and make profits, you constantly communicate with traders from all over the world, share your experiences and improve your trading skills.

You are free to use all No Trade No Less ” Trading “ platform functions or just to choose the one needed to achieve your objectives.